sahil sangha

Sahil Sangha, a New York based marketing professional stumbled upon his dream on the streets of Manhattan. A chance encounter with a movie crew, and a simple conversation with a Hindi movie icon in downtown Manhattan inspired Sahil to pack his bags, much against his father’s wishes, and move to Mumbai. In Mumbai, after a stint with Nikhil Advani as assistant director, and producing several commercials with MAD Films, Sahil realized that his creativity needed to find expression in writing as well. And he found Dia Mirza, together with whom he formed Born Free. Sahil has written, and is directing the first production under this banner.

Sahil has a keen interest in socio- political events that shape the world. His involvement in school with the anti apartheid movement took him to South Africa as part of a state delegation. Meeting Nelson Mandela still remains Sahil's most special memory.

When we closed our eyes, we had a dream. When we opened our eyes, we were making it. Watch the making….