I had always hoped that the first story that I would share on screen would be one that was inspired from experiences around me and from realizations within.

Bobby Jasoos is precisely that!

Since childhood, I have been moved by the courage shown by individuals from a variety of backgrounds as they overcome the daily challenges of life with a smile on their face. In a fast changing India, the desire for freedom of choice, the pursuit of a dream, the ability to overcome, highlight what is synonymous to Bobby.

The nuances of this story aim to reveal the charming, warm, often hilarious culture and lifestyle of many a family, including mine, that have grown up in environments as intricate as the Old City of Hyderabad.

I enjoy the juxtaposition of a traditional environment within a fast pace growing city and that is exactly what I have tried to capture. For instance, the sight of a maulvi messaging someone over whatsapp while he teaches at a madarasa is a visual references that compelled me to tell story of a conventional conservative community slowly but unconsciously accepting change.

I was blessed with an excellent team that broadened my vision and helped translate every thought I had for telling this story with sensitive detail. Bobby Jasoos is a labor of love and each team member carries the spirit of Bobby Jasoos within them.

As a director I hope to send the audience back with a smile on their lips and a restored faith in larger than life dreams and family values.