Born Free Entertainment was set up to bring stories to life! Stories that have heart, stories that transcend notional barriers of language, stories that keep you engrossed as they make you laugh and cry, stories that entertain you in as much as they inspire you to rise above your circumstance, stories that make you want to share yours…

In Bobby Jasoos we found one such story that does all of the above.
To sum up the reasons why we choose to put our all behind a film is often easier said than done.

In the case of Bobby Jasoos, the refreshing honesty of the scripts characters and their intentions, married to the colors of Old City Hyderabad, expressed in a language that makes dialogue disarming and finally the very vocal celebration of human aspiration and spirit made us take the leap forward.

It has been our pleasure to work with an amazing talent that is Vidya Balan and are certain that she will yet again make a special mark with her effortless portrayal of the ever-effervescent Bobby.

A special mention to the entire cast and crew that strive to make Bobby Jasoos the best film that it can be. This journey would have been incomplete without the contributions of each one of you.

We now look forward to sharing the many adventures of Bobby Jasoos with you our audience, because at the end, its all for you…